All My Love

All My Love

Author: Gabor Timis, copyright 2013

My love is like a sweet red rose
Whose beauty is profound and true.
My love is like a vast ocean
That goes down deep and blue.

My love is like a living river
With a flow that will never cease.
My love is like a colorful bird
Flying high up with blissful ease.

My love is like a happy song
That goes on and on forever,
Singing about you, my sweet angel
Sent to me from above.
I am so blessed to have found you
and I give you all my love.

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This love poem is about true love given to one’s soulmate.

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  1. Sysonie bejura says:

    Love ur poems, they rock, keep up the spirit .

  2. Emma says:

    I need

  3. mulinsike john conray says:

    Your love poems are so touching to my soul

  4. emma says:

    that made my girlfriend happy

  5. I love this poem ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Raphael says:

    Hey are you from Romania ? Your name sounds romain. I am Romanian this is y i ask. BTW i love this poem i made my baby girl smile <3.<3

  7. genevive says:

    Love the poems thy make me smile and thy are so nice words

  8. Imran says:

    Oh what a great poem, love it. Thanks, i need some more

  9. Roger Triton says:


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