Christmas Love

Christmas Love Copyright Gabor Timis 2013 Christmas time is here again, with all its busy preparations, reminding us once more about loved ones and friends, making us cherish all the Lord’s creations, enhancing our sense of peace as our love transcends. I don’t need any gifts under the Christmas tree […] Read more »

Until You

Author: Anonymous Battered by life to you I came With all my heart I felt the same Irresistable attraction, uncontrollable I wanted to be yours, entirely, infinitely. About my wounds I did not think Merge in you, only merge in you I desperatly aspired to My beloved, my God, my […] Read more »

Oh, My Dear

Oh, My Dear Copyright Gabor Timis 2013 You are my deep suave inner fire, all my unbridled passion and desire. You are the weaver of my dreams, the source of love spilling out in streams. Your arrow of tender affection has pierced through my soul showing me your true perfection. […] Read more »

Window In My Heart

Window In My Heart Copyright Gabor Timis 2013 I am opening a window in my heart, a special window to you, great God, so I can gaze upon you, never apart. My every heartbeat delights in your beauty. With every breath I take, I feel your presence. You are such […] Read more »