Hungry Lips

Your Hungry Lips

Author: Gabor Timis Copyright 2012

Your hungry lips and unquenched deep passion
multiply my senses, feeling your love’s ocean.
Your river of flame rushes all over me,
kissing with burning desires escaping free.

Your hungry lips consume me, touching my skin,
and I feel the entire world shake and spin.
Your warm breath whispers sweet words of love
that take me high to the clouds and above.

Your hungry lips devour mine in a blissful unity
as we hold each other tight, more and more closely.
One moment in time expands into a memorable eternity,
locking us into a peaceful harmony, ever so surely.

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This love poem explores the feelings and sensations that romantic passion can bring about in a loving couple. There is a unity of bodies, minds and hearts that appears timeless and spaceless.

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