I Am All Yours

I Am All Yours

Copyright Gabor Timis 2013

My heart’s flame, rhythmic and soothing warm dance,
Whispers to me about sweet love and romance.
You are the essence, the one true source
I cannot be anything else but yours …

Passion’s burning flame, like a lance,
Pierced my heart at first glance
And it blossomed into one true love.
It is in this love I become unmistakably whole,
The real meaning of life now emanates from my soul.

I cannot be anything else but yours,
My love for you will never waver,
My heart, my soul, my whole being is yours.
I love you, my dear, now and forever.

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This poem is dedicated to Joy, the love of my life.

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  1. sera namwawa says:

    I really enjoy your poems, they truly build me. Pliz send me more!

  2. Tabitha Haddix says:

    Very pretty poem love it

  3. jumii says:

    so cute..i love it

  4. nadine says:

    The first time I saw you
    There was something about you,
    A presence, a feeling, a majesty
    Like a sense of secret beauty.

    And then you were gone for me
    All I heard was what others
    Saw of you, future glory
    Impressed I was, dear sisters and brothers

    But Oh, how attracted
    Was my heart by your sacred
    Silence, strength and humility
    Emanating divinity

    With my eyes lowered, I resisted
    Dangerous was this shore
    I would give in no more
    But by your love I was intoxicated

    Oh, what a sublime feeling
    When from the highest came
    The loving order to bring
    To you my life and take your name.

  5. Gabriel says:

    nice one i really enjoy reading them so emotional.

  6. Thank babe that is so

  7. Samuel R says:

    Thank you ths is really nice!!!

  8. James Carson says:

    The words touch my soul you are a gift from the heavens sweetheart I love you too Debra with all my heart

  9. Deana Burris says:

    That poem is so amazing

  10. ayanda jele says:

    I love this poem can I have more

  11. drheydaypervad says:

    Love is not wanting to go anywhere without her.
    Love is not caring what other people think about
    the two of you. Love is when you feel depressed
    and sickly when you’re not with her. You feel like
    your life has no meaning or purpose without her.
    And that if she wasn’t holding your hand you
    would float away to heaven from where she
    came. Love is caring for her physically and
    emotionally. It’s telling her everyday, anytime,
    anywhere, anyhow, for no just reason that you
    love her. Love is telling her u want to spend the
    rest of your life with her. Love is wanting to
    marry her even tho ya’ll haven’t been dating that
    long. That you would do anything and everything
    for her. It’s the feeling that you would give up
    everything just to see her smile or look into her
    beautiful eyes or hear her soft, soothing voice.
    Love is pure happiness. Love is the feeling you
    get when all you have to do is think of her and it
    brings a smile to your face and a yourning to
    your heart. Love is not being able to think about
    nething but her. Love is having the sweetest
    dreams about her and waking up with a smile on
    ur face. Love is an overwelming feeling of pure
    bliss when the 2 of u kiss. Love is wanting to hold
    her in ur arms till the end of time. Love is
    wishing ur time with her never ends, that your
    lips would be locked together forever, that she’d
    be in ur arms till the end of time, that u could
    cuddle with her for all of eternity. Love is being
    helplessy and deeply in love with her and
    knowing your love for her and your feelings for
    her will never change/end. Love is the world, the
    world is love, and she is the world to me…
    Love is her saying all ur dream can’t come to pass.

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