I Love You

I Love You

Author: Gabor Timis Copyright 2012

As my eyes rest on you, my dear,
I know you are my most precious, that’s clear.
Oh, what would I do without you?
How could I live happily without you?

I count myself so lucky, sweetheart,
Knowing that you are always by my side.
I am eternally grateful to you, dear heart,
And I want to tell you with great pride
That I Love You now and forever,
And I will leave you never.

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What is more romantic than to say I Love You? All of us utter those words to our family, sweetheart, friends etc… as those three words are so important. We all need to love and be loved, otherwise we slowly wither away like a flower without sun or water. This poem expresses these words of love in heartfelt rhymes, showing the desire to say more than the regular “I Love You”.

I love you

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  1. Irma says:

    Beautiful poem

  2. Afolabi Henry says:

    Very interesting and an exciting site.


    It is the most one and am even sending it to my lover thanks alot my dear

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