Sad Love Ending

Sad Love Ending

Author: Gabor Timis Copyright 2012

My feelings for you were so strong and clear
I really thought we will be together, my dear.
Now we are apart and I struggle hard to cope
My heart is aching so much, it is too much to bear.

I am torn apart slowly, my love for you still on
How can I mend my painful heart,
Oh, how can I make the pain be gone?
It is as if the world fell apart.

I wanted us to be together, happy with bliss
But it was not meant to be, what a great miss.
You be well and find the love you seek …
Farewell, dear, I will never forget you and all this.

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This sad poem reminds us that sometimes even the strongest love can be torn away from us … life is upredictable and sometimes circumstances beyond our control can devastate us. The heartache of losing one’s love is very strong, the pain excruciating and constant. The memories of the love ending in tears will always stay with the person, just as the happy memories while that love was reciprocated.

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