Thank You, God

Thank You, God!

Author: Gabor Timis Copyright 2012

All that I have, all that I am,
I offer them all to you,
and promise to do everything I can
to discard all that is untrue.

I will forever give thanks to you,
for you have been my salvation.
You set the path of grace anew,
and my erring soul found redemption.

Dear Lord, I’ll delight my heart in You
I know I am nothing without You.
Thank you for your sublime love,
for all that you’ve done,
for all that you are.

Thank you, God!

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This poem expresses the infinite gratitude to God Almighty, who has shown his ultimate love to all mankind. Giving thanks by laying down everything one possess is a wonderful way to show gratitude to the Lord of creation. This is a poem to God, written with the ink of humility, from the heart.

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  1. Joy says:

    Lovely poem, very inspiring.

  2. Irma says:

    Nice poem . Thank you . I like it .

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