The Love We Share

The Love We Share

Author: Gabor Timis Copyright 2012

When it is day or when it is night,
you’ll never be alone, I’ll forever be by your side.
The love we share is so strong indeed,
with our passion flowing true in every way.
As our hands touch so softly, our kiss so sweet,
you make me feel as if I’m in heaven every day.

In the way we look into each other’s eyes,
we can see the fire burning bright and nice,
as our love is like a river flowing free,
a dream come true and a blessing so sweet.
We are in love and we will always be,
our feelings grow stronger, together you and me.

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This poem is dedicated to the love two people share that keeps growing stronger with time. The feelings are true, the bond is strong, the pledge to last a lifetime is real … this is the way love should be. It is a love poem celebrating the togetherness of a caring, loving couple.

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