Three Words

Those Three Words

Author: Gabor Timis Copyright 2012

I wonder if you know how you make me feel;
When you’re around, everything feels surreal.
When I’m near you, my day is happy …
My heart tells me you are the one, for real.

If you still don’t know, I’ll say just this:
You are the one who can make me complete, full of bliss.
It’s those three words you cannot miss.

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This short love poem describes the desire to give hints and tell the person you have affections for that your heart is theirs… a wish to express those three words: I love you without actually saying them. A cute way of expressing love with some short verses.

I love you

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  1. Bruno Isabirye says:

    really its true

  2. i love this website it help me a lot thank u foe make this website

  3. megha says:

    thank u for dis wonderful lines….feeling like it’s all about my story

  4. megha says:

    thank u for dis wonderful lines….I am using it for my boy

  5. Elsmarie says:

    Thank u for this poem now my man wil know just how much i really love him

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