Waiting For You

Waiting For You

Copyright Gabor Timis 2013

I search the skies, the faraway oceans
hoping you’d feel my emotions,
hoping the gentle breeze will bring me
a whisper of your voice,
a glimpse of your aura,
a quiver of your breath,
a ray of your love.

I’m waiting for you, my dear,
with all my heart, I want you near.

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It is so hard to stay apart, not to spend time with your beloved… this poem reflects the need for two united hearts to stay together.

10 Responses to “Waiting For You”

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  1. priya says:

    jst love da poem… <3 <3

  2. starr moore says:

    love the poem. It is beautiful.

  3. gd says:

    Niceee 1

  4. karthikm don says:

    i like this….so much….

  5. pshow says:

    I love this poem so much!! Kisses

  6. YVette says:

    Simply perfect

  7. swarna says:

    my heart wating for you

  8. taveya says:

    It really means a lot ..

  9. kabir says:

    am feeling lonely when will you b back

  10. Kwon Hannie Htet says:

    I love it

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