First Kiss Poem

First Kiss

Author: Gabor Timis Copyright 2012

Our first kiss is something I will never forget.
The bright sunny day your lips met mine,
It was as if the entire world just stopped
For just that one special moment in time.

It was that very first kiss …
It made my entire being warm with bliss,
And it showed me true love is real,
A feeling I would never want to miss.

Our first kiss is a sweet memory I will always cherish,
Thinking about it reminds me that our love has no blemish.
Oh, my dear, do you remember it so vividly as I do?
Can you feel it on your lips even now, as I do?

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Ah, the first kiss! Everyone remembers their first kiss … it is a moment in time that will be forever etched in our mind. When that very first kiss leads to lasting love, it is something precious, something heartfelt and beautiful. This poem reflects on the emotions and significance of just that kind of unique first kiss.

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  1. nichola roberts says:

    it mad i love it it a shot

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