I Hope You’ll See My Love

I Hope You’ll See My Love

Author: Gabor Timis Copyright 2012

I have so many things to say,
but I cannot find my voice
because you take my breath away.

I hope my eyes will speak my heart,
as I wait in silence for you to notice
that a craving soul has something to impart.

I am in turmoil awaiting your glance,
yet again trying to appear normal
while my heart flutters its loving dance.

I just have to wait another day
and maybe then you will see me …
until then I’ll try to keep my feelings at bay.

I desperately want to place you
between the pages of my book,
and keep you forever, I really do.

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This poem reflects the storm that blazes through the heart of a person who is in love, yet too shy to express the feelings that dwell deep inside. These feelings crave to be released and maybe one day they will finally come out, but until then they will reside in the love stricken person’s book of life.

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