I Miss You So Much

I Miss You So Much

Copyright Gabor Timis, 2013

When the sun rises slowly in the morning
and I awake from a sleepless, dark night,
I feel how strongly I miss you, it’s burning.
I try to focus on something else, with all my might,
but it doesn’t work, I still miss you with deep yearning.

All day goes by with you on my mind, no escape.
I just stumble blindly, unaware of my surroundings
and without you nothing has meaning, no color, no shape.
My heart hurts, I miss you terribly, so sad feelings.

When the sun goes down slowly in the evening,
I still keep thinking about you, nothing but you.
I feel hollow inside, yet full of relentless aching.

As the night comes again, I know there is no reprieve,
just another sleepless stupor, tossing around and grieve.

I miss you so much, I miss you all the time.

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Sometimes emotions and feelings can be overwhelmingly powerful … words can’t describe them properly. This poem reflects upon this.

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  1. Khaya says:

    I all way thnk about u
    love i had for u is morthan
    a wild iland, that i had ever-
    visted love i have for u is
    all ways full of happyness
    Joy that will never perish, when
    never who ever wanted 2 ceases, shll not end

  2. Bongani says:

    Wonderful poem indeed.

  3. Bongani Mkhize says:

    This Poem has expressed exactly wht I’m going through,most of the time whn I miss my Beautiful Lady (MFM).Whn I miss her my day jst bcomes unpleasant coz I’m short of her presence to make my day complete,I love you.

  4. ttsha says:

    lovely poem

  5. Chony Basnet says:

    Best poem ever

  6. Kim says:

    I love ur poem

  7. Mahe says:

    My heart loves u forever my dear I still remember you da…I love you ajith…I love you…this poem says wat I do all the time for you… Without u I have nothing but with you I have every thing…

  8. antoinette says:

    I am feeling lately like this so empty a

  9. nosipho says:

    I love u poem indeed

  10. jasmine says:

    awww i can start crying at this poems

  11. Lucinda says:

    This means a lot to me and my husband is in jail right now and all he gets our text and letters and And every day I find the best Palm there is to send him it helps his days go by A lot easier

    • Beth says:

      Same here , my other half is in jail right now…and I’m currently writing him a letter. It’s extremely hard to cope..for the both of us…anything helps. I’m going to send him this lovely beautiful poem.

  12. admin says:

    Missing someone dear to us can be heartbreaking …

  13. Nokwanda says:

    Woooooooow what an inspirationn

  14. Dreamzzz... says:

    The poem that reads my heart … beautiful…

  15. viwe says:

    nice poem

  16. Patrick says:

    I would like it if you would look me up and join me on this site on Tumblr. You would be an inspiration for those who wish to build a deeper love for those who matter.

  17. D says:

    You are 50 feet tall and I will never feel the same about anyone ever again.

  18. Carole mauldon hamby says:

    It’s two and half years since my partner died but every day is a day of loss and mourning. The poem speaks to my condition.

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