My Heart Is Smiling

My Heart Is Smiling

Author: Gabor Timis Copyright 2012

My sweetheart, my darling,
This heart of mine is smiling.
You bring to me precious feelings,
A blissful joy I never had so rising.

You light up everything for me,
In my heart you gracefully shine,
Illuminating my whole life.
This was meant for you and me.

So now I promise you, my dear,
My love for you will always be
We’ll walk together without fear,
Two of us, forever you and me.

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This romantic poem expresses the happiness of a loving couple who found each other across large distances and fell in love despite all obstacles. It is a pledge of eternal love sprung from two hearts fused as one, beating the same rythm of bliss. The heart is smiling as it hugs its pair, its other half. The words are like a flowing river of joy, penned through the inspiration of the whispering love.

Heart smiling - Couple at sunset

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