My Sweet Daughter

My Sweet Daughter

Copyright Gabor Timis, 2013

My dear daughter, I love you so …
You are special, I hope you know.
Love shines through you for all to see.
I’m so blessed that you are part of me.
You will always be my little princess,
I wish you much health, happiness, success.

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A short poem to his daughter, conveying deep love and parental pride.

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  1. nadya rossi says:

    This is just perfect. I have an adult “special needs” daughter who will love this. Not every daughter can wade through the overly flowery poems I’ve seen on other websites. This is sweet, simple and the one I will share with “my little princess.” Thank you!

  2. Navia Lyons says:

    reading this poem make me feel sad because i miss my mother and i miss the years that we used to spend time together. If my mother was still around me i would tell her how i feel about her and tell her that i miss her and i love her

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