Rivers Of Love

Rivers Of Love

Author: Gabor Timis Copyright 2012

The ocean from which my rivers of love are flowing
is the endless depth of my soul, pure and glowing.
My heart receives this flood of emotion
and beats faster with blissful elation.

I feel myself being overwhelmed with love so graceful
that my mind becomes a blank horizon, very peaceful.
I can’t see nor hear anything other than your presence,
which is all I desire, your beautiful essence.

A timeless sense of joy envelopes my heart,
because this is what I really wanted from the start.
This love I feel is all for you, my dear;
you are all that I always hoped for, that is clear.

I now let the rivers of love flow out in the open,
so the whole world can see my love for you, my heaven.

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rivers of love
Rivers of Love is a poem that conveys the constant flow of happy emotions fuelled by an endless ocean which is in fact the immortal soul. The floodgates are open, love is irresistible and surfaces to be seen by everyone, glowing in an aura of true happiness.

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  1. Joy says:

    Very deep and touching… I love it.

  2. florence says:

    I want free love poem

  3. Elesin Olumide says:

    Nice Poem,Is meaningful.

  4. omoniyi says:

    what a gre8 poem

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