Together You And I

Together You And I

Author: Gabor Timis Copyright 2012

Together you and I
We can take off and fly
We can soar to special heights
With blissful days and nights.

Together you and I
We can achieve many good things
We can be like queens and kings
Cherishing our precious love, oh my!

Together you and I
Nothing will stand in our way
Our love so strong and true will stay
Taking us to happiness all the way.

Together you and I
We were meant to be.

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This is a poem of being together with the loved one, an example of how two loving hearts are united as one, meant to be fused in spirit and love. True love will not let anything sever this blissful tie, this precious gift of bliss and happiness. We should all be lucky and blessed to experience such love!

Happy couple together

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