You And I

You And I

Copyright Gabor Timis 2013

You appear and my heart beats faster,
You look at me and I blush,
You smile at me and I melt,
You talk to me and I can hardly breathe,
You touch me and everything around me fades,
You kiss me and I feel I could fly,
You hold me and I know that I love you.
You and I.

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As love starts to blossom, various feelings and sensations overwhelm our senses. This poem is dedicated to those wonderful feelings.

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  1. vinda persad says:

    i love the poem
    its the best poem
    i ever read.
    keep it up

  2. phathutshedzo says:

    vry smooth n sexy

  3. alisha ramsumair says:

    i luv this poem its jus awesome

  4. Bongani Mkhize says:

    Wht a nice poem

  5. vera says:

    I love this poem. I felt this and more when
    I was in love. When it’s reciprocated, life can’t get any better. This is real. You cant make it up unless you got it from a victim of love.

  6. chareamah says:

    I love it much more….

  7. lewis says:

    very nice poem

  8. Sindisiwe Dlamini says:

    Wow nice poem ever wish i can fly now

  9. scorpio says:

    this poem really says it all.
    i love it

  10. Ali says:

    Great one i like it

  11. Chony Basnet says:

    This is the best poem i ever read and i’m inspired..

  12. kwati says:

    it so smooth I do really like dis poem

  13. demmy says:

    this poem is somehow touch on my heart.

  14. Marita says:

    Thanks this poems it is very nice if you have someone for hi or for she

  15. Sinazo Dungah says:

    ncooooh awesome

  16. Amanda says:

    Wow….dis poem is awesome,I felt dis while I ws readin n it says it all.keep it up n bring us more.

  17. De says:

    Great poem! Thank you Reb for sending it to me!! Xoxo

  18. Silas KC says:

    Wow! Beautiful! It’s like someone has been reading my mind. For the first time I felt so different – loved and cared for!

  19. sharmayne says:

    Wooooooow I lv diz poem n I thnk I’ll read it in frnt of ma klas . Bst peom eva

  20. Danielle says:

    Lovely truly spoken from the heart.

  21. sk8er.dee says:

    This poem is very good truly spoken from the heart two thumbs up!!:)

  22. Katie says:

    This is a beautiful and sweet poem

  23. maria says:

    what a nice poems that i can read this day.

  24. saiah abiud says:

    so wonderful and feeling showing keep it up

  25. Mmethi hemilton says:

    Keep writting guys u help us realise what is happening with us

  26. marsha says:

    I love love poems

  27. lewlewevans says:

    I love this poem and so does my girlfriend

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