You Are So Beautiful

You Are So Beautiful

Gabor Timis Copyright 2012

You are so beautiful, my darling,
Your delightful, angelic grace is sparkling.
Your smile lights up my day,
Like the sun rising in the morning.
You are so beautiful, I do say.

Kiss me now, baby, gently one more time,
So my heart will sing with fluttering chime.
Hug me now, lightly and caressingly,
My love is yours, incessantly.

Your beauty is unique, untouchable,
Charming, invincible, unbeatable,
Exquisite, adorable, unrepeatable.
You are so beautiful to me,
I love you dearly.

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Beauty and love go together as the eyes of the person in love always sees beauty in his/her sweetheart. This romantic love poem depicts the beautiful image of a loved one, highlighting the unique, timeless feature of a person who glows with the graceful aura of hearfelt affection. You are so beautiful to me is the shout of unstopable love.

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  1. AJ says:

    nice words, sweet and true.

  2. Donna Gordon says:

    Love This Very Beautifull!!!

  3. Olanrewaju Oladoja says:

    Love this poems

  4. Alex says:

    Wow it’s really good

  5. Mohammed says:

    So cool words.
    And beautiful..

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